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WPAC FAQ > Application Questions > What do you mean when you say wheelchair provision?

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Wheelchair provision for the World Health Organization refers to the process of providing a wheelchair to the user, from assessment by qualified provider, to fitting and user training, and continuing on with the availability of services for followup and repair.  You can learn more about provision, including design and manufacturing of appropriate products by reading the WHO Guidelines on the Provision of Manual Wheelchairs.

Whirlwind recognizes that it is not enough to simply give or even sell a wheelchair.  Wheelchair users need their chairs to be comfortable, no wider than necessary so they can easily push them and pass through narrow doorways, a cushion especially if they lack sensation in their buttocks, the proper back height and tension for good posture, custom rear wheel position for optimal pushing and safety, and training in how to use their wheelchairs. They also need their chairs to be strong and durable, but easily and inexpensively repairable when they do break   “For many people, an appropriate, well-designed and well-fitted wheelchair can be the first step towards inclusion and participation in society.”  WPACs will be trained and expected to implement and train others locally in WHO Wheelchair provision standards.

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